Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 6: Chris Neseman-Thing

Most of you reading this probably know who Chris Neseman is. In case you don't, I'll treat you to some information.

Chris is one of four members of the 11 O'Clock Comics Podcast. I stumbled upon this podcast through my Zune, and have been listening since November-ish. After a drink roll call, you can expect hours of some awesome comics discussion. Since today is Wednesday, and they record on Wednesdays, I decided to do this as a tribute. Sorry for the other 3 members who don't have the word man in their names.

Tune in on the website, subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Zune, and check out the forum! You can expect a new episode every Thursday and listen to Chris speak, well, that is if he doesn't fall asleep.

"Awesome!" - Vince B.

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