Saturday, July 17, 2010

Man-Thing by Xurxo G. Penalta

As you may know, the MTAD (short awesome slang for Man-Thing A Day) project is only going on during the weekdays. Therefore, for all four of my followers who are fiending over the next MTAD, I'll be showcasing other renditions of Man-Thing that I enjoy.

First up, Xurxo Penalta. Xurxo is a Galego (someone from Galicia, a part of Spain that is close to Portugal) that draws some amazingly detailed pieces. He happened to draw the portrait of Man-Thing featured in today's post. You can check out more of his art at

Xurxo and I are also both members of the 11 o'clock comics forum. It's a great community with an even better podcast!

Don't be afraid to follow me on Twitter. You know what happens when Man-Thing senses fear! (You get burned)

1 comment:

  1. hey! thanks for posting this alejandro!

    this drawing is indeed detailed, so much so you can only really see it at a certain distance, as it turns into a blur when reduced to much...
    sometimes happens with my stuff...
    horror vacui can be a problem

    thanks again Alejandro!
    i'll try to provide some other man-thing to support your endeavor.